Canadian Education Association (cea)

This article is entitled, Collaborative Inquiry:  Empowering Teachers in their professional development.  They define what inquiry is, discuss the structures needed in order to support it and also give examples to demonstrate how it can work in a school.  Also, at the bottom of the article are more links under “new ways of thinking and doing education”.

Collaborative Inquiry Facilitators Guide

This guide comes from Learning Forward Ontario and is very helpful in starting Collaborative Inquiry in your school.  It follows 4 stages throughout the inquiry – Problem Framing, Collecting Evidence, Analyzing Evidence and Celebrating and Sharing.  Included in each stage are practical activities that can be done with school teams in order to build their understanding of collaborative inquiry.

Intentional Interruption by Steven Katz

These are six short webcasts where Dr. Steven Katz (OISE) discusses his ideas around PLC’s and why they typically don’t work.  His ideas are also based in his book, Intentional Interruptions.  As a follow up to this, I also found a book summary that you may enjoy as it outlines the strategies Katz suggests to address the barriers to professional learning…