New Zealand Educational Institute – Principal’s Kit: Managing Workplace Conflict

This Principal’s kit offers tools to administrators to deal with difficult situations.  It discusses how some conflict can be viewed as a positive for change, while another may be a serious conflict that can inflict damage. It also briefly reviews a process to follow to sort out issues.

ETFO:  Resolving Staff-Principal Concerns

This is an ETFO resource, and although it is targeted to teachers, it can also be helpful to principals.  Included are tips for resolving conflicts and ways staff members can try to work with the principal to improve the working and learning environment (so it can also be taken vice-versa).  There is another publication that supports this topic for purchase at shop ETFO.

Jim McGrath’s “Writing on the Wall” blog

This blog post is entitled How Do School Administrators Successfully Resolve Conflicts?  The author shares how conflict works in both ways as well as some strategies to deal with difficult situations while keeping the building moving.  He references the leader who possesses emotional intelligence during the hardest times as being the one who is successful.  He cites many other authors in his blog and summarizes their suggestions.