The Principal of Change

This blog was created by a man named George Couros, who is a Principal leader in Alberta.  On his blog, he has a section on managing school operations and resources.  He also offers links to other websites and articles to continue the thinking.  On his blog, he also has a link to a TedTalk he gave regarding change and student voice.  He proposes ideas such as using Google Apps for Education to allow for allocation of funds to other school resources, creating a staff development program in house that would enable some of the budget to be redirected to other areas.  There are several interesting ideas on his blog.

The Trillium List

This site comes from the Ontario Ministry of Education.  It contains titles of textbooks which are approved for schools in Ontario.  Those textbooks which have been approved have undergone evaluation (a link to the Guidelines are available on this site as well) in order to be placed on this list.  The site even offers a searchable option.

Ideas Into Action:  Aligning Resources with Priorities: Focusing on What Matters Most

This PDF is targeted to school leaders and system leaders and is published by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  It works within the five core leadership capacities from the Ontario Leadership Framework.  One of the key messages is that school budgeting needs to focus on teaching and learning.  It discusses ways of overcoming challenges such as establishing a focus, staying on track and making optimum use of available resources.  There are also a wide variety of resources to further investigate cited at the end of the PDF.