Five Key things that OPC does for its members:

  1. Protective Services Team (PST) includes experienced principals and lawyers.  They give professional advice and legal support to OPC Members for employment-related issues.
  2. Professional development – workshops, conferences, The Register magazine
  3. Provides information – from the provincial government, media and other educational groups
  4. Provides resources – PPTs, PDFs, Toolkits
  5. Web Based Learning – includes web conferences to allow every the ability to access the support regardless of where they live

Leadership Development: Principals Want to Know

This site is connected to the Ontario Ministry of Education. It includes 25 tip sheets that will help principals around key issues they are facing in their schools.  For example, Having Courageous Conversations and Intentional, Play-based learning. They are based on questions the Ministry has received and tips, websites and resources are also shared to further support the principal in order to deepen their understanding.


This website includes core strategies and popular topics to choose from based on evidenced based strategies for K-12.  There is a school leadership section which may be of particular interest to an administrator.  Videos and video series are available to watch and use and you can even follow on Twitter to see what is trending.  This site was created by the George Lucas Educational Foundation.

ASCD: Learn, Teach, Lead

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) created this site to allow educators to deepen their knowledge through books and publications.  Although a membership is required, you can access many of the articles from Educational Leadership (EL.  A “top 5” booklist is also connected to an online store so that you can easily purchase the book if you want to.